Dedicated Layer to EVM
Enhancing Security and Scalability to Ethereum
ZKBase Ecosystem Overview
ZKBase, a project dedicated to Layer 2 solutions, leverages the extensive expertise of our team and our profound knowledge of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) protocols. Our main objective is to provide highly efficient, secure, and scalable solutions to our users. We are committed to utilizing ZK technology to deliver exceptional support and foster innovation across the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
ZKBase Products
A robust and trustless decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange, deployed on the mainnet of zkSync Era
ZKSpace is composed of ZKSwap as an AMM DEX, ZKSquare as a payment service, ZKSea as an NFT marketplace and ZNS as a Layer2 naming services.
ZKBase utilizes ZK-Rollups technology, a solution known for its exceptional security and scalability. We are dedicated to offering foundational services to various projects, including dApps, dPins, providing essential underlying support. ZKBase also facilitates cross-chain bridges and decentralized exchanges (DEXs), enhancing connectivity and trading capabilities across different blockchain networks
BTC ZKEVM & Bridge
ZKBase is dedicated to developing decentralized cross-chain services between Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as enhancing interoperability within the Bitcoin network.
DEX for
the Bitcoin Ecosystem
ZKSpace is structured around four principal components: ZKSwap as a layer 2 AMM DEX; ZKSquare as a payment service; ZKSea as an NFT marketplace. ZNS is the pioneering Layer 2 naming service, aimed at improving system usability and network interactions
Total Value Locked
TVL on ZKSwap(ZKFair)
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ZKBase Roadmap
  • Introducing an Advanced BTC ZKEVM Solution
  • Unveiling a Decentralized BTC Bridge
  • Supporting Diverse Cross-Chain Swaps
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement
2024 Q1-Q2
  • Ongoing product development in ZKSwap, focusing on its zkSync version to enhance performance and functionality
  • Complete ZKSwap (Bitcoin) features with wallet support, AMM-based products, and detailed transaction information, ensuring a robust and user-friendly experience
  • ZKSwap (Bitcoin) is poised for its debut on the BTC mainnet, featuring integrations with mainstream wallets to facilitate seamless user interactions
  • Community-Led Token Listings
  • ERC20 - BRC20 Cross Chain Bridge
2023 Q3-Q4
  • ZKSwap (zkSync Version) Enhancements
  • Cross-Chain Functionality Expansion
  • ZKS Conversion to ZKB
  • Token Supply Management
  • ZKS 2.0 Economic Model
  • Deployment to ZKSync Era. We are set to deploy ZKSwap into the ZKSync Era, aiming to fully integrate and expand within the ZKSync ecosystem. This strategic move is designed to enhance our platform's interoperability and efficiency.
  • ZKS Token Convert to ZKB
  • Cross-Chain Token Implementation
  • Establishing Liquidity
  • Add more features to the layer2-based DEX, including but not limited to: (1) Provide solutions to aggregate liquidity and improve capital utilization. (2) Provide solutions for stablecoin exchange with low slippage. (3) Provide solutions that automatically seek the optimal exchange scheme. (4) Explore contracts and options.
  • Launch an upgraded version of ZK-Rollup that is fully compatible with EVM to help blockchain app developers jointly build the layer2 ecosystem.
  • Optimize ZKSea, bringing in more NFT-related functions to meet the needs of users with different backgrounds, including batch minting, NFT verification, mystery box auction, bidding, etc.
  • Implement cross-chain deployment based on the public chain ecological development, such as BSC, SOLANA, etc., and connect the second layer of each public chain to provide users with faster yet cheaper cross-chain services.
  • Launch of ZKSea
  • Expansion of Layer 2 NFT Protocol

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