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Building innovative solutions based on ZK technology to inject new vitality into the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
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As a project deeply dedicated to developing Layer-2 services, ZKBase wants to leverage our team's extensive experience in ZK (Zero-Knowledge) technology. Our primary goal is to deliver highly secure, fast, and cost-efficient solutions to our users. We firmly believe that by applying ZK technology, we can offer further scaling and drive innovation within the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks.
ZKSpace consists of four main parts powered by ZK-Rollup technology: ZKSwap, the pioneering Layer-2 AMM DEX; the payment service ZKSquare; an NFT minting center and marketplace, ZKSea; and the first Layer-2 name service, ZNS.
A robust and trustless decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange, developed on the EVM-compatible chains.
DEX for Bitcoin Ecosystem
ZKSwap will bring a BRC-20-centered trading platform built with an AMM mechanism for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Users can independently provide liquidity and earn yields on their assets.
BTC ZKVM & Bridge
ZKBase is committed to building decentralized cross-chain services between Bitcoin and Ethereum. We are exploring programmable Bitcoin Layer-2 solutions based on ZK technology.
Taking Off Soon✈ ZKBase 2023 Q4 - 2024 Q4 Roadmap 👀
Introducing a comprehensive BTC ZKVM solution, a foundation for a decentralized BTC Layer2 DEX that promises users a more secure and efficient trading environment.
Unveiling a decentralized BTC bridge based on Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK) for a seamless and hassle-free cross-chain experience.
Supporting decentralized ERC20-BRC20 cross-chain swaps to diversify the range of trading pairs and enhance user flexibility.
The ZKBase team is committed to persistent product iterations, ensuring an increasingly user-friendly trading experience that caters to the evolving needs of our valued users.
2024 Q1-Q2
Ongoing Product Development: Continual enhancements to ZKSwap (zkSync version).
ZKSwap (Bitcoin) Features: Launch on BTC test network with wallet support, AMM-based products, and comprehensive transaction information.
Mainnet Launch: ZKSwap (Bitcoin)'s debut on BTC mainnet with mainstream wallet integrations.
Community-Led Token Listings: Expanding trading opportunities within the BRC20 protocol.
Cross-Chain Bridge: Facilitating ERC20-BRC20 token interoperability.
2023 Q3-Q4
ZKSwap (zkSync version): Introduction of new features and liquidity incentives.
Cross-Chain Functionality: Launching ZKSwap (Bitcoin) for diversified BRC20 token trading.
ZKS Token Evolution: Upgrading ZKS tokens for enhanced utility and value.
Token Supply Management: Issuing BRC20 ZKS tokens and locking ERC20 ZKS tokens.
ZKS 2.0 Economic Model: Accelerating ZKS token deflation for increased holder value.
Deploy ZKSwap to ZKSync Era and expand to the ZKSync ecosystem.
Upgrade ZKS to a dual-ecosystem governance token of ZKSpace and ZKSync, redesign the ZKS token economic model and release the ZKS economic white paper V2.
Implement token cross-chain and migrate part of team-held ZKS to ZKSync Era. Establish liquidity of ZKS/USDC, ZKS/ETH.
Add more features to the layer2-based DEX, including but not limited to: (1) Provide solutions to aggregate liquidity and improve capital utilization. (2) Provide solutions for stablecoin exchange with low slippage. (3) Provide solutions that automatically seek the optimal exchange scheme. (4) Explore contracts and options.
Launch an upgraded version of ZK-Rollup that is fully compatible with EVM to help blockchain app developers jointly build the layer2 ecosystem.
Optimize ZKSea, bringing in more NFT-related functions to meet the needs of users with different backgrounds, including batch minting, NFT verification, mystery box auction, bidding, etc.
Implement cross-chain deployment based on the public chain ecological development, such as BSC, SOLANA, etc., and connect the second layer of each public chain to provide users with faster yet cheaper cross-chain services.
Introduce ZKSea, a ZK-Rollups-based layer2 NFT product that allows users to mint, transfer, trade, deposit, and withdraw NFTs at a much lower cost than that of OpenSea.
Open the layer2 NFT protocol to all NFT projects, supporting cheaper NFT issuance, minting, airdrops, or sales.

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